These “honey hunters” are putting the lives of thousands of years for honey stake

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But honey for the honey hunters are ready to face any trouble. Honey hunters thousands of years they have been doing this thing for honey. As a reminder, these are the bee’s honey to get it is the world’s largest bee. Honey hunters take only one life to practice the tables …
Gurung is a custom of society struggling to honey. The people of the society in which they remove bee hive honey bees are the world’s largest. Not only that, they are taken to break the hive without a safe costume. Height is no less … The Honey Hunters hand-made rope ladder to climb to a height of 200 to 300 feet. These colonies of honey bees Bgate down by smoke and their bite is common for people Gurung. 8 years to break big bamboo hive using the ‘Tngos called.

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