If your kid is underweight, then your doctor must have recommended you to take care of his/her eating habits. Home remedies are the best ways to increase healthy weight of kids. The trick is to make healthy food that your kids will enjoy eating.

Eat protein rich foods

Protein rich foods are good for weight gain for kids. Egg, cheese, peanut butter, legumes, meat and yoghurt are some excellent sources of protein.

Alfalfa herb to increase weight gain

An affective home remedy for weight gain for kids is alfalfa herb. It facilitates and improves digestion and increases appetite of kids.

Figs to gain weight

Figs also help to gain weight. Soak three to four figs in water and eat two to three times a day.

Increase intake of milk for weight gain

A simple way to gain weight for kids is to increases intake of milk. If your child is not fond of milk then don’t force him/her instead try to be innovative. You can make different milk shakes, chocolate shakes or add fruit to milk to get fruit shakes. At times you can make smoothie or can add ice cream to your child’s milk shake.

Raisin for weight gain

Another home remedy for weight gain is raisin. If your kid eats approximately 30 grams of raisins on a daily basis then he/she is more likely to gain weight.

Nuts for weight gain

Pecans, peanuts, almonds, cashew and other nuts must be given to kids instead of junk like chips.

Fruits for weight gain

Bananas and strawberries are also helpful for weight gain in kids.

Fruits with whipped cream

For dessert you can give your kid fruits with whipped cream. This will give them both the extra calorie and yummy taste.

Butter and cheese

Add butter and cheese to daily diet of your kid.