Every year there is some trend that makes it big – a little more than the rest. Throughout the year, Instagram kept us busy with new developments and we kept a close watch. Looks like, 2016 is the year of the lip art. Until now, we have spotted the two-tone lips, ombre lips, drippy lips, glitter lips, and the most fascinating of all, the geode lips – until this new lip art called hologram lips came along. Honestly, it’s almost impossible to look away.



Not-quite ‘oil spill’ and not-quite ‘unicorn blood’ look, these holographic lips are making a lot of noise and people are actually freaking out! The force behind this crazy creation is beauty brand, Sigma Beauty. The brand has released a line of prismatic lip glosses which provides for a high-octane look. You can either wear them alone or over a lipstick base for some extra depth and shine. Unlike traditional glosses, this product doesn’t contain any shimmer or glitter. Instead, it catches and reflects light to give your lips a futuristic appeal.



Currently, there are five shades in the collection: Double Whammy (a mix of green and lavender), Transcend (purple), Flip-Flop (orange), Other Worldly (frosty green), and Pink Lotus (pink). You can get them individually for $14 or score the entire set for $34.
Are you brave enough to sport one? If yes, then which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.