Most of us are not model size – and never have been. Pulling together the look of the moment without being too trendy, pairing garments in the right colours for our skin tone, and adding a pinch of spice to keep things interesting without crossing the line for our size, is often a daunting and frustrating experience. Especially as we get older.

But when it comes to dressing grown up women with curves, I can help. As a fashion stylist I have created everything from red carpet Oscar outfits to looks for top designers and retailers.

I’ve worked with many Hollywood stars, but now I want to help all women get dressed with confidence.

Here I reveal the fashion tips and tricks that can transform your look in an instant – whatever your dress size.

The first step is to identify your body shape. Look online and you’ll find a superfluity of body shapes named after everything from fruit (apples, pears) to musical instruments (cello, bell). But these all boil down to five basic shapes – and to dress effectively, you need to determine which one you are. The options are: hourglass, triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle and oval.

Your body shape is determined by genetics, bone structure, and how your muscle and body fat are distributed.