She hinted that her Geordie Shore days were behind her in May when she said she’d ‘degraded herself enough.
And now, a source has hinted that Holly Hagan has already filmed her exit scenes as she makes plans to ‘settle down and start a family.’Representatives for the Newcastle lass told MailOnline on Thursday that the star has solidified filming dates for Season 14, even though The Sun claims she will bow out after the current series.Holly has refused to comment further on the matter but her publicist insists: ‘I have dates for Geordie Shore 14 filming in Holly’s diary.’Earlier, The Sun reported: ‘Holly has had enough and has been telling people she’s done with the show. She wants to concentrate on her fitness brand and living a normal life.

‘She’s only 24 but she’s an old head on young shoulders – she wants to settle down and have a family.’Meanwhile, a second insider insisted that farewell scenes have been a formality for the castmembers ‘for continuity reasons’ following Geordie Shore original Charlotte’s shock departure in June.

‘For continuity reasons and to make sure viewers get to say a proper goodbye to departing cast mates, they’ve made everyone film a final scene.’
Holly and co-star Gaz Beadle have been the most likely stars to leave the show since Charlotte’s exit.

Producers were apparently ‘taking no chances’ earlier this year when Holly said she had been considering her own departure ‘a lot’.She told the newspaper: ‘I have grown up. I’m not going to apologise for it. I’ve been through so much and I’ve degraded myself a lot when I shouldn’t have

‘Of course I am going to be thinking about leaving and I have been thinking about leaving a lot. If I haven’t got a reason to be there I don’t just want to stick around.’Holly had been concerned that she was bringing the others down because she was no longer enjoying filming and she had even been accused of playing a ‘boring’ part in the reality show.The stunner has certainly experienced her fair share of tears this summer as the cast reconvened abroad for an overseas series

She seemed to be caught up in a love triangle in June when viewers saw her descend into an explosive meltdown over someone
Holly was seen arguing with on-screen friend Chantelly Connelly over ‘the love of her life’ Kyle Christie.The brunette has been one of the show’s favourites since she joined in the original series five years ago.
Her best friend on the show Charlotte quit two months ago over her rocky relationship with Gaz, simultaneously revealing that she had experienced an ectopic pregnancy.