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Worldwide several drug mafia, who made the trade worth billions. One such drug mafia lord Pablo Escobar, who was killed 20 years ago in an encounter. Pablo cocaine trade in Colombia is the world’s most dangerous and richest drug was considered criminal. Billions were eating rats, the world’s 7th richest man …
Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto’s book “The Story of accounts”, according to several times a day she was smuggling 15 tons of cocaine. In 1989, Forbes magazine declared Escobar was the world’s 7th richest person. His estimated personal wealth of $ 30 billion, or Rs 1.6 trillion. He had several luxury houses and cars. Many people tried to find the treasure, but could not get far.
Pablo’s brother, Roberto, according to the time of the annual profits 126 988 crores Pablo, at that time 10 percent of the money kept in the warehouse were then eaten by rats or water and other reasons, it was worse. According to Roberto, he is $ 2,500 each month on rubber bands to tie bundles of notes would cost.