Somnath Temple is one of the greatest temples of India and it has very big history behind it. I am sure that you all heard about Somnath Temple. But you might not aware about History of Somnath and what is it’s historical importance. Here in this article i will tell you a brief history of Somnath Temple and what is its historical importance. Let us start with Location of Somnath Temple.
Location :
Prabhas kshetra ,
Near veraval ,
Junagadh ,
Brief History of Somnath Temple :
          Somnath temple is also known as Prabhas Pattan and the Shrine Eternal. Somnath is one of the 12 jyotirlinga shrines of God Shiva. Does any one know that what is the meaning of Somnath? I can understand rare people are aware about the meaning of Somnath. Meaning of Somnath is the protector of God moon. First temple of Somnath was built before the commencement of the Christian era. Second temple was built by Vallabhi King in 480 – 768 A.D.
            More than 2000 brhamins were busy in Temples activity and revenue collected by them was used for maintenance of villages. In Somnath Temple when time of prayers came they announced prayers by ringing the bell. Actually this bell was attached to Golden Chain. Does any one know that this Somnath Temple was destroyed too many times by Various rulers and kings. But few kings of Gujarat renovated this temple too many times. Recently in 1947 Sardar vallabhbhai Patel renovated Somnath Temple.
              Surprising thing about Somnath is that from Somnath Se-shore there is no stair-light land up to the Antarctica. It is really surprising. Somnath temple is also famous for its architecture. In present Somnath Temple is built in Chalukya  style which is also known as Kailash mahameru Prasad Style. This Style of Architecture reflects the Sompura salats skill which is one of the Gujarat’s master masons.

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