No matter how much politicians work to spoil the communal harmony in the country for political gain, Indians leave no stone unturned to maintain the peace and unity in plurality. Here’s a story of a Hindu man who along with his family member wakes up Muslims in his locality for sehri meal so that they can observe fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

Gulab Yadav and his 12-year-old son Abhishek wake up at 1 AM and spend next two hours knocking doors of Muslims residing in Uttar Pradesh’s Mubarakpur village. The 45-year Gulab Yadav waks up Muslims for the sehri meal in order to help them to observe fast during Ramadan. The tradition was started by Gulab’s father, Chirkit Yadav in 1975.

Gulab Yadav, who works as a daily wager and spends most of his time in Delhi, always returns to his Mubarakpur village to continue the tradition started by his father. “I guess it gives you peace. That’s about it. After my father, my elder brother did it for a few years, then I started this and now I come back here every Ramzan,” Gulab told NDTV.

“You see, it is a very commendable thing. He takes a whole round of the village, it takes 90 minutes. He comes back for a second round too. He ensures no one is left without the sehri before the Azaan and what can be more pure than this,” Shafiq, Gulab’s neighbor, was quoted as saying.

Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh are due next year and political parties are raking up communal issues to polarise the votes. But the small examples set by likes of Gulab Yadav gives us a ray of hope that divisive politics won’t overcome.