Hillary Clinton may not be the president-elect, but that’s not stopping the 2016 presidential candidate from doing everything she can to continue to inspire her supporters.

In an emotional speech that marked her first public appearance since she lost in the general election, Clinton encouraged her followers to continue fighting for their future. Hillary spoke Wednesday night at an event held in her honor in Washington, D.C. by the Children’s Defense Fund.

While acknowledging the deep divide between supporters of both 2016 presidential candidates, Clinton urged those in the audience to come together and move forward, united, in the wake of her political defeat.

In the same breath, Clinton encouraged her supporters to continue to do everything within their power to move past the election results and look forward to the future. She told supporters to continue to fight for the country for the sake of future children.

In the same speech, Clinton went on to talk about her journey to run for the highest office in the land. Clinton talked about her mother, Dorothy, and the challenges she faced in her early life. Clinton’s mother, who eventually became a house maid, was left behind by her parents on a train ride headed toward California.

“I wish I could walk down the aisle…where she sat…alone and terrified,” Clinton said during her speech at the Children’s Defense Fund event.  Clinton teared up while talking about her mother, and that wasn’t the only time that the 69-year-old politician got emotional during her speech. Clinton acknowledged that it had been difficult for her to come and give the speech, noting that at some times during the past week, she’d wanted nothing more than to “curl up with a good book, or the dog, and never leave the house again.”

Clinton  went on to encourage the audience to “stay engaged on every level” and not to “lose heart.”

Since her defeat in the 2016 presidential election at the hands of President-elect Donald Trump, Clinton has only been spotted in public once, when she and her husband, Bill Clinton, had a chance encounter with a woman hiking in the woods. The woman shot a photo with Hillary before taking to social media with her story.

In closing her speech, Clinton spoke about the perspective that comes with experience, and she reiterated her belief that America is the greatest country.