When it comes to statement dye jobs, the temptation is *real* thanks to a little app—you may know it—called Instagram. From sand art hair to galaxy hair, there are a million ways to turn your head into a mesmerizing, one-woman light show.

But if you’re gun-shy about going full-on Lisa Frank, worried that bleaching your entire head will present too much of a danger to your fragile strands, or work at an office that’s just too buttoned up, there’s now a super-sneaky way to get your Manic Panic on but keep it on the DL: Hidden Rainbow Hair. It’s kind of like the Joanne the Scammer of dye jobs.

Stay tuned for the final results later today 🙂 #rainbowhair #hiddenrainbow #hiddenrainbowhair by Seniour colourist Carla

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Conceived by Carla Rinaldi, senior hair colorist at Not Another Salon in London, the technique concentrates harlequin strands in one section, cleverly tucked beneath layers of your regular shade.

When you lift the curtain of layers or throw your hair into a cool-girl top knot for the big reveal, the look is decidedly reminiscent of Snapchat’s rainbow vomit filter. (Which of course is a good thing.) And while maintaining the seven different colors will be no small feat, prolonging the time in between touch-ups is a million times easier when the incriminating evidence isn’t sitting on top of your head.

Taste more of the hidden rainbow here:

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? Throwback Rainbow! #oldemillsalonandacademy #laytonutah #hiddenrainbowhair #rainbowhair #hairbyashmcphie

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