Getting over your ex-lover can be really hard for some and in such a situation, even if you agree into a marriage, there can be rebounds.
While this condition is quite common in many relationships today, you’ll be surprised to know that Karna from Mahabharata dealt with a similar problem and sadly, never came out of it. Unfortunately, there were no counsellors in those times.

His love story begins with Draupadi rejecting him in her ‘Swayamvar’ because he was not a king. The reality, however, was revealed at the end of the epic, according to which Karna was not only a king, but also more deserving than any other Pandava who eventually married Draupadi.

Draupadi always longed for a husband with wisdom and moral values, who would be strong and well built, a good archer, handsome and intelligent. And, Karna was the only one with all these qualities. In fact, according to certain legends, when Draupadi saw Karna for the first time, she was impressed by him. However, she had to overlook him when Lord Krishna lied about Karna’s real identity.

As was his destiny, Draupadi married the Pandavas and Karna was left disappointed. He then married twice in his lifetime, but faced rebounds. Read on to find out what happened to him.
It is said that even though Vrushali was not an ordinary person, but of a very high character equivalent to Karna, he never could get over his rejection by Draupadi. When Karna had died, Vrushali even went sati.