So, you have been asked to go out with someone but you are not sure what are you going to talk about or how will the first date go? Worry not, for here are some ideas that will help you calm down a bit, and plan for the day ahead. Amongst the top priority things that you need to decide is if you are going for an outdoor date, or staying indoors.

Outdoor first date ideas

It can include anything, from going out on a walk to a romantic long drive. Anything which suits you, your date, and of course, your budget can be a good option.


This is a gorgeous and splendid idea for the first date. Prepare a picnic basket, add in some sandwiches and choose a park nearby where you both can have your picnic.


If you are more of an adventurous person then this might be the best first date idea for you. Boating seems like a recipe for disaster but disaster is good. You both can get wet and laugh about it at the same time.

A simple movie night

This is one of the oldest first date ideas and it works out for most of the guys and girls out there. So, go with a movie idea if you think it suits your interest.

Gift shopping

This is also a great idea for a first date. Maybe, you want to buy a gift for your sister or a friend but you are not sure what to get? This is your time to ask your significant other to go out with you. This way you’ll get to talk about each other’s interests as well.