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Perfect timing What do the rounds of the photographer. But the times have to face difficulties. During a recent wedding photoshoot recently in Iceland, when the helicopter went above the bride’s head. The bride’s balance deteriorated. The photoshoot was popular wedding photographer CM Leung. what happened then…
CM Leung wedding photographer to shoot their new parts of Iceland was chosen. Photoshoot where they were, while a Coast Guard helicopter came to help. The Perfect Time Leung said the bride to put the helicopter on the way. For a moment it seemed as if the bride’s head would hit the chopper, but nothing happened.
A helicopter from the bride’s feet went out from the head. Please tell the CM on the photography was, there were many large potholes. The ordinary life of the bride could be missed. However, nothing of the sort happened. But because of the strong wind of chopper parts of her wedding dress flew up in the air.