She always puts on a fashionable display.

But Heidi Klum opted for a rather retro version of good style when she stepped out in New York City on Monday afternoon.

The blonde beauty, 43, was seen emerging from the Greenwich Hotel in downdown Manhattan, where she deftly turned heads.

Looking 70s-inspired, the Sports Illustrated star wore a pair of statement bell-bottomed jeans which boasted a low rise and exaggerated flare.

Keen to be colour co-ordinated, she matched the look with an equally vibrant green shirt and a synced leather handbag.

She anchored it all with a pair of tan-coloured sandals – to survive the NYC heat – and a pair of designer sunglasses.


Appearing to have just exited the gym, she also seemed to be make-up free and worked wet hair – as if fresh from the shower.

Given her impressively toned shape, that would make perfect sense for the America’s Got Talent judge, who’s 5ft 9″ frame looks as good as ever.

Joined by her pet pooch, she cut a solitary figure while out-and-about in the Big Apple.