MC Mary Kom’s dreams of participating at the Rio Olympics came to an end after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) denied her a wildcard entry to the 2016 Games.

Mary Kom had failed to book an Olympic ticket after losing in the second round of the World Championships last month.

Chairman of AIBA ad-hoc committee Kishan Narsi confirmed that the celebrated Indian boxer was denied a wildcard entry.

In a last-ditch attempt to fetch Mary Kom a Rio Olympics berth, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and the ad-hoc committee administering boxing in the country had officially sent a request for a wildcard entry for the five-time world champion.

Narsi had also written to AIBA, seeking what is officially called a Tripartite Commission Invitation Place.

Ironically, however, the success of Indian boxers in the previous Olympic Games qualifying tournament, worked against Mary Kom’s chances.

A wildcard is granted to athletes from countries, who have had minimal participation in the previous editions of the Olympics. India had eight boxers participating in London 2012.