Gaining weight is simple enough if you simply want to look bulky. Just need to gorge on some high-fat foods, but it would not result into healthy weight gain. The priorities in a healthy weight gain meal plan for women are nutrition with no health risks.

What to include and what to avoid

Whole foods – It is better to include whole foods in your diet rather than processed foods or meals you get in a restaurant. The whole foods contain more of nutrients and less of cholesterol, saturated fat, sugar and sodium. Some of these foods as recommended by the University of California, Los Angeles based Student Nutrition Action Committee are beans, nuts, lentils, starchy vegetables, cereals, whole wheat bread and dried fruits. Some of the other foods to be included in the list are bananas, avocados and yoghurt.

Micronutrients much needed for healthy weight gain are provided by such as protein, carbohydrates and optimal amount of fat is provided by such a meal.

It would be important if you are able to stick to the right meal plan based on healthy weight gain. Each of your meals should contain the right mix of essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and even healthy fats. You do not want to fall prey to the problem of unhealthy weight gain wherein fat gets piled and neither should you plan your weight gain very slowly. Just have a target in mind about the no. of calories to consume and burn daily.

In addition to having nutritious, calorie-rich foods for gaining weight, the importance of exercise should not be ignored.