Noise pollution can kill. ‘Very hot’ coffee is cancerous. One pregnant woman dies every 5 minutes in India. This week was packed with some very shocking yet important health news. To ensure that you haven’t missed any, we bring you a weekly roundup. Here is this week’s aggregation of the latest n, this roundup will keep you updated on the health
1. India faces diabetes explosion
According to latest estimates of the World Health Organisation (WHO), people with diabetes in India doubled from 32 million in 2000 to 63 million in 2013 and is projected to increase to 101.2 million in next 15 years.
2. Coffee is carcinogenic, but only if ‘very hot’, says WHOFindings of the study show beverages over 65°C, including tea and coffee, are “probably” carcinogenic to humans.
3. Daily stress can kill your sex life: Experts
“Stress can be responsible for Erectile Dysfuntion. It affects the psychological state of mind where stimulation may not result in erection even if other things are normal,” explained Dr. Vipin Tyagi, surgeon (Robotic and Kidney Transplant) at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

4 Overeating leads to more eating: Study
“Taken together, these experiments show that excess calories, either from fat or carbohydrates, stress small intestinal cells so that they stop producing uroguanylin, which helps people feel full after eating,” Waldman said.
1 in 5 elders abused at home: Study
According to Geetika Sengupta, who handles Helpage India’s helpline, most calls concern property and money. “Neighbours or well-wishers usually call us and inform about the abuse,” she said. “Some elders don’t call themselves for the fear of a backlash, while others don’t want to make the issue a public affair. We have seen cases of daughters abusing their mothers going up in the last couple of years.”
Bowl of porridge a day keeps early death at bay
Researchers at Harvard University found that just one 16 g serving per day of whole grain cuts the risk of dying from any cause, heart disease or cancer. And, they argued, the more whole grains people eat, the bigger the benefits.
When fasting helps you kick the butt
“I’ve been trying to quit smoking for the last five years, but did not succeed. But last year, on my friend’s suggestion, I observed fast for 15 days during Ramadan and it really helped. I didn’t quit completely, but I am not a chain smoker anymore. This year, I am planning to fast the whole month and hope it will help me quit,” says Ajay Pal Singh.

Find out why women live longer than men
Longevity may relate to immune system differences, responses to oxidative stress, mitochondrial fitness or even the fact that men have one X chromosome (and one Y), while women have two X chromosomes. “One of the most puzzling aspects of human sex difference biology,” write Austad and Fischer, “something that has no known equivalent in other species, is that for all their robustness relative to men in terms of survival, women on average appear to be in poorer health than men through adult life.”
Periods ‘prevent’ scientists from studying women
“The complexities of the menstrual cycle are considered major barriers to the inclusion of women in clinical trials,” the researchers argue. By relying on men, scientists assume that they can get results with fewer participants and less funding.
Is constipation a herpes symptom?
The study showed that the virus is able to spread from the genitals to nerves in the spinal cord. From there, it travels to neurons in the colon killing them off, and leading to damage.
5 worst diet mistakes smart women make
Frequent meals that stop you from  bingeing are supposed to be smaller, but women often turn these into regular dining portions, that can go upto 400 calories each.