The capital is a house in Delhi’s Greater Kailash area, which once was considered one of the most haunted places. Few people dare to go inside it and were able to generate. Indeed, it was said that a couple of the spirit begins to wander indoors. Moreover, at night, strange voices coming from people inside it had complained. However, the surrounding people do not consider it a horror.
According to the people around, the house number W. Greater Kailash 1 – 3, in 1986, an elderly couple in a property dispute and honey Kaul Kaul Yadu Krishnan was killed. Subsequently, he was buried in an underground water tank. The case came to light when the police found out much later his dead body. Police also discovered their relatives through advertising, but not been concluded. Since then, 27 years later, the house was empty. People here were not afraid of ghosts.

The neighbor does not have any voice says-

According to some, one of Delhi’s most haunted places, scary noises coming from inside the house said. But in reality it is not. W – 1 guard who works for quite some time that I’m here, but I never heard no sound. The neighbors also refused to listen to the voice of some kind. However, in 2013 the house was taken over by the Gupta family and made it worth living, by Rinovet. Even if they do not always, but often keep coming