Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has lauded the Delhi government’s odd-even vehicular rationing scheme and said that it has not only eased traffic movement in the national capital but also in his state.

Khattar’s statement may leave many of his party colleagues red faced, particularly the Delhi BJP unit, which sees the Kejriwal-led government as its main rival.

However, the Jat leader has a word of advice. “In a democracy, all political parties have the right to do what is good for the state.”

“I don’t want to comment on what the Delhi BJP thinks. You talk about Haryana and what needs to be done here, or anything related Haryana. I will speak,” he said.

Khattar lauded the odd-even scheme and said that somewhere there has been an impact.

“I think there has been an impact due to the odd-even scheme – there is less traffic and pollution.

“At a personal level, I don’t think the scheme is bad.. there is no difficulty. It is good. My car has come back today within 20 minutes.

“It used to take 30 minutes but because of odd-even we saved 10 minutes,”he said.

There used to be tremendous pressure on the National Highway No 8 in Gurgaon due to the heavy traffic in Delhi. Now, because of the odd-even in Delhi that pressure has substantially reduced, Khattar said.

“Our government has also taken some steps to ease the traffic movement in Gurgaon. We are constructing underpasses to ease the traffic at certain places,” he said, adding “After the completion of these projects, the traffic situation in Gurgaon will greatly enhance.”