Ever since Kangana Ranaut, in an interview, referred to Hrithin Roshan as her ‘silly ex’ in January this year, no one had ever expected that her remark would land her in this year’s biggest and dirtiest Bollywood brawl. With new and shocking revelations, coming up every day, the battle between the exes is only getting murkier by the day.

However, the entire episode seems to have no, (or may be very less) impact on the curly beauty. Kangana, who is known for her bold and strong nature, seems to be hardly disturbed by the alleged and scathing allegations on her by her exes, including Hrithik Roshan and more lately Adhyayan Suman.

This was evident recently when she was spotted at the Mumbai airport. The lady was all set to catch her flight but did not miss to please her fans and paparazzi before that. Kangana was all smiles and looked absolutely carefree of what is happening around her, as she blew kisses and waves hands at the airport.

Well, we couldn’t help but like Kangana’s attitude!

Check out her pictures ahead.