Dussehra is the festival that marks the victory of good over evil and is celebrated by people with a lot of fervour. It is an important festival celebrated by Hindus across India and Nepal and involves burning huge effigies of Ravana across the country. According to mythology, Rama killed Ravana, the king of Lanka on this day.

People celebrate Vijayadashami too, on this day. Goddess Durga is believed to have attained victory over the demon Mahishasura after fighting him for 10 days and nine nights.

Everyone gets together on this day and spend time with their family and loved ones, attend Ramleela — dramas or plays on the life of Lord Rama, and worship the triumph of good.This Dussehra, may you be blessed with good fortune
As long as Ganeshji’s trunk
Wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach
Happiness as sweet as his ladoos
And may your trouble be as small as his mouse
Wish you and your family a fun filled Dussehr

Good work

An auspicious day to start with any good work
It was today that good won victory over bad
May this day clear all hurdles of your life and start new era of well-being
Happy Dussehra!

give us a message

Everyday sun rise to give us a message
that darkness will always be beaten by light.
Let us follow the same natural rule
and enjoy the festival of the victory of good over the evil.
Happy Dussehra!

Good Health and Success

Ward Off Evil
Lords Blessings
Happy Dussehra
Yummy Dussehra
Triumph Over Evil
Joyous Festive Season
Spirit Of Goodness…
Happy Vijaya Dashami !

Shri Ram kills Ravana

*As Shri Ram kills Ravana,
and comes back to people he loves,
As Ma Durga kills Mahishasura,
and prepares to go back to her heavenly abode,
May these good-over-evil stories,
Inspire you towards your own victories!
To meet great targets!
Aspire & Stretch!
Tide over bad-times!
Make the best of your good-times!
& just enjoy!
Wishing your and your family a Very Happy Vijayadashmi!