Dinah Jane Hansen (b. June 22, 1997) is a member of the band Fifth Harmony. She is the youngest in the music group.
Born and raised in Orange County, CA, Dinah grew up in a 4-bedroom-house along with 23 other people. The eldest of 15 grandchildren, she is of Polynesian descent; specifically Tongan. She has stated that her mother remembers the first time she heard her sing “Happy Birthday” at only 4 years of age. She sang the National Anthem in public at age 7 in Sacramento, California. Since then she has been singing at various events in Orange County. She was introduced to music producers and songwriters, including Pacific Big Dave Icon Management Group (PIMG), Kennedy Mailo, Trey Smoov, MsBrown, and Baby J. Hansen, and sang songs of her idols Beyoncé, Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey, and Etta James. Dinah has been said to be similar to Beyoncé due to her having a powerful voice.
Dinah auditioned for The X Factor with the song If I Were A Boy by Beyoncé. L.A. Reid said that she took the song to places that even Beyoncé didn’t, which is a massive compliment, if any. If the star Dinah can outshine even Beyoncé there is no telling what she can do next.