If you are someone who loves their fresh-fruit bowls, then you are already one step ahead of the rest, on your way to health. As most of us know, adding fruits to our daily diet is a great way to stay healthy! To have a disease-free life, one must follow a clean diet which includes veggies, fruits, fish and other nutritious foods that nourish the body cells and make them stronger, thereby keeping ailments at bay. Every fruit has its own health benefits, but overall, most fruits are rich in antioxidants and nutrients, which boost your immune system and prevent certain vitamin deficiencies that may occur in your body. Since times immemorial, before the advent of modern medicine, people used natural remedies to cure disorders and ailments. Many of these remedies were made from various fruits. Pineapple is also one such fruit which comes with numerous medicinal properties that can provide relief from various disorders. Studies suggest that, if one consumes just pineapples for all three meals, for 4 days, then they may notice certain positive changes in health.