London. James Young of a terrible accident in 2012, a hand and foot was gone. 12 operations in four months after they returned home. Doctors then temporarily put the hook in place of a foot and hand. James points out that she is a very painful time for me. But a year after the tragedy, their passion for playing video games changed his life. But how video games changed the life …
Indeed, even after losing the hand remained fond of playing games. The video game maker said the company has built a hand device, which is similar to a mechanical arm, but it has many special features. This hand to charge the phone, such as CCTV cameras and drones could work uncounted. The first 60 people who called, who lost his hand in an accident and are fond of playing video games are. James was elected by 60 people according to their needs and the cost of about one crore has been hand built.
Real hand better than
James says that it is not the sorrow of losing touch me, but my new machine has undergone big changes in my life by the hand. I never realized it would not happen to me is the lack of hand. With its help, but I am not able to charge the phone, I am able to play games.