She may be part of the new crop of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest up-and-coming stars.  But Haley Bennett is an old soul.
The 28-year-old actress looked stunning in seventies fashions for her first cover feature in the June/July issue of Interview magazine.

Not only did she ooze of sex appeal from a different era but she also discussed her yearning to be apart of one in the accompanying article.
Haley opened up about the human bonding she did with her castmates in upcoming western The Magnificent Seven, which includes stars Chris Pratt,
Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio and Matt Bomer.
When asked if she still keeps in touch with them months after shooting she replied: ‘Thanks to modern technology, yes. But I feel nostalgic about the way it
was done in the past.

‘Like, maybe instead of being on a group text, we’d write letters to each other. And since I like to travel with my letters, that would be nice—I’m not going to
print out my text messages.
‘I wish I could have been part of an era that doesn’t exist anymore. Those relationships, they’re meaningful now, but it’s difficult. I always leave with a heavy
In the accompanying photos, Haley looks absolutely fabulous in retro looks as her blonde tresses featuring feathered fringe as she let her natural looks
show with minimal make-up including shiny lip.