Last year, a hacker downloaded data from Hacking Team — a company synonymous for creating spyware for governments — and then made public, 400GB of data which was scrutinized by researchers and journalists.

Now that the smoke has cleared, someone who calls himself Phineas Fisher’s has not only taken responsibility for the infamous hack but also posted a DIY instructional manual online.

With the help of an embedded device, the hacker uncovered a common ‘zero-day’ weakness (hacks that occurs the same day the weakness is discovered) exposed the company’s unencrypted backup and passwords for a Domain Admin server, after that the hacker could do as he pleased. Everything from emails to source codes was nabbed by him.

The Phineas Fisher’s post is a rather intellectual read which gives insight to his reasoning and thought process behind the hack, if nothing else you can get a glimpse into the secret world of hacking.