You will have heard of many people who love animals are dangerous. The world’s most dangerous animals are reared lion people in their homes, but we are talking to the person he loves crocodiles. His crocodile when such friendships that he takes what he wants. Chito is the name of the person living in Costa Rica. People love ‘Crocodile Man’ is.
Chito plays with the crocodile weighs about 450 kg. The crocodile is almost 20 years old. Chito Pocho kept its name. Chito Perismina the crocodile was found in the river. At that time it was fatal for Chito crocodile. However, the two have been close friends so that they give added anyone to think. The last 6 months have the two together. 100 square meters in the lake, play together.
Alligator on the friendship of Chito says, “I just feel that someone loves me. All the animals are not bad. I love all animals. I come every day to Pocho.” Now tourists come to see the exploits of their friendship.