After Babu Bangaram, Venkatesh is back with with yet another promising flick – Guru. It’s the Telugu remake of R Madhavan’s Hindi movie Saala Khadoos. The makers just released the Telugu trailer today and it’s just as exciting as the original version. Venky is perfect as the ruthless yet sincere coach. He has got his mannerisms, body language and attitude bang on. Madhavan surprised us with his hard hitting rugged performance, looks like Venky is about to do the same. Unfortunately, everything else about the film is ditto to the original version, so will duplicity play spoilsport while watching the Telugu movie? We will have to wait and watch. Also, the the romantic scene between Ritika and Venky seemed a tad bit awkward considering their age gap, but we can get past that because of Venkatesh genuine performance.

For those who don’t know it was his nephew Rana Daggubati who helped him get this role – “What I was instrumental in was, I got this film to him before the release, to watch. So, in that sense yes. The producer of the film is actually a good friend of mine. His name is Shashi. He had mentioned about this film he’s doing with Madhavan when we were in Chennai one day. As soon as I heard it, I knew it was an immediate fit for my uncle. It would be awesome film for him. And I called him saying as soon as the film was ready, I would want him to watch it. So weeks before the film has released, Venky had seen the film and he had really liked it. And we decided to go ahead and do it.” That’s how Guru happened and aren’t we glad!

Venkatesh has also debuted in singing with his film. The song Jingdi is already a hit among fans. So far the trailer has a got thumbs up from fans on social media. So how did you like the trailer? Which is your favourite moment from the promo? Do share your comments in the box below. Stay tuned for more updates on Guru.