Once, Guru Nanak, along with his two friends Mardana and Bala, traveled to the city of Srinagar in Kashmir. People there recognized Guru Nanak Dev because of his grace and divine light. They felt honoured to sit with Guru Nanak and learn from him.
But one pandit named Brahm Das, was not very impressed.
Brahm Das himself was a very learned man, who had gained yogic powers through his devotion to God. When he heard that a great Guru had come to town he thought, “It is I who has great knowledge and supernatural powers. I will show him my skill and impress people.” Thinking this, he got on his carpet, levitated up and flew to where a large crowd had gathered around the Guru But when Brahm Das looked down, he could not see the Guru anywhere. He landed, and asked the people, “Where is this Guru?”

“He’s sitting right in front of you!” said a man in the crowd, surprised. Guru Nanak, in all his divine composure was sitting right there, but the pandit could not see him. Frustrated with the happy crowd around him, he decided to fly away in his carpet, but now his carpet would not move an inch. Ultimately, he walked back on foot carrying his carpet under his arm.

Later in the evening, Brahm Das asked his servant if the Guru was really there. “Oh yes he certainly was, he was so kind and beautiful and we all had a great time!” replied the servant.  “Well, if he was there, then why couldn’t I see him?”He was shocked when he heard the reply, “It is because of your pride that you could not see him.”

The truth struck his heart, so the next day he humbly walked on foot to meet the Guru. This time he could see Nanak Dev among the crowd.
“There is no deeper darkness than pride,” explained Guru Nanak, “That’s why you couldn’t see me even in broad daylight. Because you can fly you think you are so great. Look around, the birds can fly, the insects can fly. Do you want to be like them?”
Brahm Das realized his mistake and pledged to be humble in life from that moment onwards.