Gunshots have been fired into a South Melbourne strip club in a brazen daylight attack near several busy shops. A police spokeswoman said officers were sent to Kittens in Cecil Street after multiple shots were fired shortly before 3pm.

It’s the third time the club has been targeted since November. The gunman then fired three gunshots into the venue’s closed door before speeding away, the witness said.

Another witness said the gunman had a shotgun and fired into windows at the front of the venue.

“One [shot] into the right-hand window first, then the left-hand window,” the witness told Triple M.

“It was so f–king loud. People came from everywhere.”

Detective Acting Sergeant Tony Benham, from police anti-bikie operation Taskforce Echo, said no one was injured in the attack, which was believed to have been carried out by two unknown offenders.

“There was no one inside at the time and … no one’s been injured which is fantastic,” he said.

Police will investigate whether Friday’s shooting is linked to previous shootings at the venue.

Detective Acting Sergeant Benham said it was believed a dark-coloured vehicle was involved, and that possibly at least two people were inside the car.

A witness said the car was a dark blue Mazda 6, which sped from the scene, turning left and heading south on to City Road. He said the driver appeared to be in his 60s, with grey hair.

Cecil Street has been closed between City Road and Market Street.

This is the third shooting at the club in seven months.

In November, a bouncer was taken to hospital following a late-night shooting at the club.

he passenger of the car fired a number of shots from a shotgun, one of which hit the bouncer in his left arm.

Shotgun pellets also hit the club’s front window, while others were found in the foyer.

The Holden car used by the gunmen, which is believed to have been stolen, was later found torched at the corner of Boundary and Munro streets in South Melbourne.

In January, a gunman in a white ute drove past the club late at night and fired shots from the passenger window.

A security guard at Kittens was struck in the forehead by shotgun pellets and taken to hospital with injuries.

A different Kittens, in Caulfield South, was firebombed in February.

At the time, police anti-bikie operation Taskforce Echo was investigating whether a breakaway gang of bikies were behind the fire and shootings.

A man has been charged over the explosion and remains behind bars until his next court appearance in June.

In March, Club 859 in Caulfield South – 500 metres from Kittens – was peppered with bullets and a man and woman have been charged over that shooting.