Sex is something that everybody enjoys, but people shirk talking about it. Sometimes partners fail to realize that their mutual talks on sex are of vital importance to keep alive the flame of love and romance in their lives. To make an intimate relation more special, equal participation of the partners is required. However, to play the equal roles a man should know his beloved’s requirements and the woman should know how to satisfy her man to the fullest because the sex needs of a woman are different from that of a man.

It is of paramount importance that a couple indulges in “sex-talks” with each other so that the sexual desires are communicated well to each other. Apart from the mutual sex talks, following are some tips that can help couples to make their love life even more interesting and lusty:

Fantasies can do wonders

Our brain is the most powerful sex organ that requires some wild fantasies for an arousal. Sharing sexual fantasies with your partner can increase the excitement in your relationship like never before. Fantasies reignite the lost or the lazy sexual attitude of yours. They make you take up new sexual habits and to try out new things, eventually keeping the sex very much alive in your relationship.

Experiment with the places where you do the lovemaking

To make your sex life interesting, leave your bed and get the hang of some new places to make love. How about the couch or the sofa lying in your drawing room. The other ideas include the car parked in your garage or your bathroom. The more unconventional the place, the more pleasure it gives.

Prolong your sex experience

Prolonged sex experience makes the lovemaking more interesting and exciting. The best way to prolong the experience is to adopt a start-stop approach while having sex. This method calls for a masturbation till the point of ejaculation and then to stop until the urge to ejaculate passes. Repeat this procedure for as long as you both want your sex experience to prolong.