There’s plenty of times that we’ve looked at Sonam Kapoor and sighed, usually appreciatively. But as we sit and stew in this sticky, swampy fug that passes for the weather, Sonam’s cute cooing about what she’s been doing is making us gnash our teeth a little.

For the past four days, she and her sister Rhea, stylist Namrata Soni, and their oo-so-hip pal fashion blogger and property developer, Anooshe Mussarat and have been living it up in Rosewood, London.

Cookies with frosties, French toast with berries, honey ice-cream – does the London summer even get enough sun for such warm weather yum?
The only thing keeping us from adding the statuesque star to our blocklist is the fact that Sonam’s had to stick to crunching on veggies. Three designer gowns to squeeze into at Cannes , you see -we got a sneak peek at the Anamika Khanna, and it’s worth the deprivation.

So while Rhea binges on chocolate gelato, Sonam has focused on fine tuning her nail art, and getting some shut-eye in her comfy blue overalls–a gift from her hotelier bestie, Samyukta Nair . We’re putting in a request for our own pair.