Fruit recipe to keep you healthy treats. But you ever heard of a fruit tree, in which 40 different kinds of fruit can be. Believe it is not no joke. Here is where the tree so you can eat 40 kinds of fruit.
The plant has created a wonderful visual arts professor. The plant provides 40 kinds of fruit “Tree of 40 ‘is known. The plum, peach, apricot, cherry and fruit seem like Nectorain.
The price of this tree, which is enough to blow your senses around 19 lakh.
American professor of Visual Arts at the University von Aeken Seracug the tree is prepared. The work began in 2008 when the New York State Aegrikalcrl von Aeken experiment which saw a garden of 200 plants were like plum and apricot. The pool was closed due to lack of funds.