London: After age 60, most people sit at home and take rest, but living in the UK’s Newcastle Margaret Collins, the 71-year-old also won the Life bolder manner. They do not just fiercely party and pole dancing, but since retirement has also dating with 200 men.
According to Margaret ENJOY them in such a way to enjoy life. They are supported by their 3 daughters. Please tell the two married Margaret. The first marriage was 20 years-old and 21-year-old gave birth to a daughter. 20 years later they were also raising children and part-time jobs. He then started own business and worked as managing director until the age of 68 continued. There are five grandchildren and two great-grandson of Margaret.
After retirement, dating, party and dance pole
Margaret said that most of the time I have on my kids and business, but after retirement I wanted to ENJOY LIFE. I joined several dating sites and the app is downloaded. Then people began to mail me. Over the years, I dated with 200 youth. It makes me feel young would be. 3 days in the week I just go on a date with different people. Portugal is also a man at his own expense so I was rotated.
Still wants to settle down
Margaret at the age of 71 years is looking for a genuine relationship, which could take care of them. She says that people with whom I’ve yet to date, their age is 20 to 40 years. I spent two years with one person. He gave me so many gifts. But so far I have not found that special man, with whom I shall be settled.