At a white wedding or an Indian Christian wedding per se, you could leave your hair unadorned and loose. It has its own beauty and charm in doing so. However, if you really want to still make a fashion statement, there are bridal hair accessories that can make magic happen.You could be the bridesmaid or the bride in question, and get the entire look pulled together. What you need to do here is when you shop for your bridal gown, think about the bridal hair accessories that you would be wearing, and coordinate accordingly- no mismatches allowed. The same would be when choosing bridal hair accessories for the entourage of bridesmaids too- apt to wear with the bridesmaid dresses you plan to gift them.Hair accessories for the bride or for the bridesmaids at the Indian Christian wedding or at any white wedding for that matter should be bought ahead of time. Before you buy your wedding ensemble or wedding wear, choosing your bridal hair accessory is a must. This helps not only with the coordination, but would also match the accessory and brings about a clean look too. Window shop ahead of time to know the different ranges and styles available in the market, and also which ones are eye-catching as well.