Gordon Stuckless, the man at the heart of the Maple Leaf Gardens sex abuse scandal, has been arrested and charged with more counts of sexual assault, Toronto police say.

Police said the new charges relate to allegations that Stuckless sexually assaulted three boys between 1978 and 1984 — when he was working at Maple Leaf Gardens — but have not released any other details at this time.

e’s set to appear in a Toronto court on Thursday morning.

Stuckless sentenced to prison time in June

In June, Stuckless was sentenced to 6½ years in prison for sexually assaulting 18 boys decades ago when he worked at Maple Leaf Gardens. Before that, Stuckless pleaded guilty in 1997 to sexually assaulting 24 boys while working at the hockey arena.

The Gardens scandal exploded in the early 1990s, when Martin Kruze became the first man to step forward to say he had been lured to the hockey arena with promises of free tickets, paraphernalia and player autographs only to be sexually abused.

Stuckless, a 67-year-old born in Newfoundland who has lived in Toronto for decades, also worked as a teaching assistant and coach.

He has been serving his prison sentence at the Joyceville Institution in Kingston, Ont.