While Google has been adding plenty of features to its Photos app, this one indeed showed up on an odd day (April 1). Google’s Gmail Mic Down prank certianly did not go down too well, this new features on Photos certainly makes up for it and it’s for real.

Believe it or not, you can now enter an emoji of a hamburger in the search box of your photos app and actually find photos of burgers that you have clicked in the past. The new feature that literally lets users search through their Photos app using emoji was announced via a Blog Post on Google+.

The feature works pretty well and users will not just see image results that are identical to their emoji search inputs, but also other images related to them. Enter an umbrella and apart from photos of the umbrella, you will also see images of a rainy day. So it is impressive!

It is all about recognition skills and Google has been introducing new features lately that lets its users take advantage of all the brains behind service. For now it unclear whether Google is simply testing out the feature or whether its going to make it permanent.

Pranks aside, this one seems like a keeper.