Google Launches Custom Live Cases for Nexus Smartphones


Existing and potential Nexus 5X, 6, and Nexus 6P owners can now create their own unique protective cases.

The new custom Live Cases cost just US $35 and the patterns and effects are only limited by the user’s sense of style. The simplest way to create an original case is to choose a favourite photo or a geographical location via Google Maps. Once selected, tonal or patterned effects can be applied and overlaid and the finishing touch is a matching ‘live’ wallpaper for the handset’s screen to tie everything together. Your choice of case aesthetics reflects what you can set as a live wallpaper.

But as well as style, the case offer functionality. They ship with a programmable shortcut button that can be pressed to quick launch an app or feature of your choice. The cases use NFC to to make the wallpapers and special button work.

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