After its announcement last week, Google has launched the Gboard iPhone keyboard app in India. The app was first introduced for iPhone users in the US in May, and is now available more broadly.

The search giant in its press statement last week it plans to offer the Gboard app in more languages in future versions. For now, it supports English UK, English AU, English CA, and English IN. It’s now available via the App Store.

The Google Gboard keyboard app for iPhone brings the power of Google search to the iPhone keyboard, and it’s a wonder that the search giant has not introduced similar functionality for Android as yet.

The Gboard app lets users search for information, gifs, and emoji right from the keyboard, and thus users never need to leave the conversation they are engaged in – whether it’s within a chat app or email.

By pressing the G icon on the top left of the keyboard, users can search for addresses, flights, and even YouTube videos to easily link to them. Apart from search results, users can also search for gif images, and emojis. The keyboard also supports glide typing, letting you type words by sliding your finger from key to key instead of tapping.

In our review, we found Gboard to be a powerful iPhone keyboard app that provided quick search options, and the ability to easily find images, gifs, and emojis, making it a compelling app to have installed.