Mario Miranda created crowded comic scenes. The busy images were bustling with activity, and it is possible to stare indefinitely at every picture, just figuring what each character is up to and what they are thinking. Miranda’s work can be commonly seen in public spaces, restaurants, and text books in Goa, Mumbai and other places in India. Some of his best works are murals occupying entire walls in cafes.

His earlier works were typical scenes of Goan towns, a theme he is still famous for. His later works involved showcasing the even more crowded and urban Mumbai. His work also appeared in print, in the Illustrated Weekly of India .

Mario Miranda’s 90th birthday Google Doodle was made by Aaron Renier, who is a guest doodler. Aaron Renier is also known for drawing, layered, crowded scenes. The Doodle shows a scene from a crowded street in a city, perhaps Mumbai. Renier does a good job in the homage to Miranda. You can make out hazy Victorian architecture in the background. Each individual in the scene is lost in their own thoughts and actions.