Ramping up the user experience in its smart messaging app Allo, Google on Wednesday released an update including smart smileys, chat themes and an exclusive “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” sticker pack. Google Allo 3.0 has been released for Android and iOS, but is rolling out slowly across the globe.

With smart smiley, also known as emoji or sticker suggestions, Google Allo makes it easier to find and send the perfect emoji or sticker based on the topic and sentiment of the conversation.

Users just need to tap the smart smiley button as they are typing a message and Allo will suggest relevant emojis and stickers to help finish the thought, the company said in a statement. Enhancing the customised chat experience, the latest update will also bring new themes, including a variety of different colours and patterns.

In addition, an exclusive Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sticker pack featuring characters and creatures for the upcoming Hollywood movie are now available for download in Google Allo.

Further, Google has now made it easier to download new sticker packs. Users can now simply tap on any sticker a friend shares in chat to download it directly from the respective sticker pack in the sticker marketplace.

The smart smiley will be available in English and Hinglish to start with and will come to more languages soon.