Of course, you might dream of someone going down on one knee and proposing to you, but that’s said than done. It’s not such a cakewalk for men to say ‘Will you marry me?’ The day comes with its share of worries and anticipation. But here are tips to shed the fear and pop the question successfully…
Get ready mentally first
Ask yourself, ‘am I completely ready to take the huge step’? If you are, you will enjoy every second of doing this.
Make sure preparations are in place Once you have bid goodbye to the inhibitions, let romance take over. Make it as beautiful and romantic as ever because you’re only going to do this once (hopefully) in your life. A perfect proposal needs to have a good backdrop, so have her favourite flowers and music ready.
Wear something apt
This is your big moment, so dress right for it. Buy a new shirt or wear something you know she would enjoy, to sweep her off her feet.
Ring size matters
One of the biggest worries is carting along a ring that won’t fit. Find out her size first though the ring can also be changed later.
Do a rehearsal
Play the scene out in your mind beforehand so you don’t get that nervous. Of course, being impromptu is also part of the fun, so don’t worry about saying whatever comes to mind.