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Jimbawbe resident Vanessa and Michelle live life to the most glamorous social media discussion has moved on. The sisters and their father Philip Ciangwa billions to property. Zimbabwe is grappling with the economic crisis at the moment and that is why their life is being questioned Hakbtate Zimbabwe Kim Kardashian …
Clicking Selfi sisters are well-liked. However, they say they earn money by working hard to live your life. Fond of sharing photos on Instagram by many Zimbabwean girls Life is so attractive also explains Kim Kardashian. The immense property owner Philip and his relationship with politicians also stated by the local government. Protest against the local government are, because these girls has been questioned. Violence also erupted in several protest.
But Vanessa says she has been living a normal life. However, girls on the other hand four bedrooms, two bars and an Infiniti has made a home in which she will stay with her husband. Marriage of the girl had been reports of heavy spending.