Afghan women’s life in the 60’s was a very glamorous. Where they are afraid to get out of this without a screen, there never was a fashion show. Today we are showing you some photos from 1960 to 1980 when women had complete freedom in Afghanistan. Afghanistan in every field as well as fashion forward …
Kyyumi photographer Mohammed in his photos showed how women in Afghanistan were ahead in every field. Whether medical or aeronautical, Afghan women had made their way into every field. Afghan boys and girls around 1950 with the theater and the university used to be around and having fun. Kyyumi photographer said life in Afghanistan, except for the last two decades, was very pleasant.
The Taliban was Brpia havoc
The situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated in the last two decades. The Taliban regime was established. The tight rein on freedom of women. Many restrictions imposed by the Taliban on Afghan women. Groovy place where women were taking part in the fashion show, there are now leaving Binaprda them afraid.