You have a beautiful house — is the best comment anyone get after they have taken a lot of effort to decorate it. Getting people to appreciate your effort is indeed a difficult task, and this Diwali you too can make your home look stunning and earn praises from visitors. After the cleaning regime, refurbishing your house is the most important part of this festival. Since, we are just little more than a fortnight away from the festival, here are some awesome quick fixes that you can consider when revamping your home for the festival.
Wall highlights
Of course, you don’t have much time to carry out major changes like painting your entire house. However, you can experiment with wall highlighting tricks or wallpapers this season. Getting one wall highlighted with some textured colour or putting up a mural would definitely make your home ready for Diwali. Gold is the flavour this season — and a hint of gold will give your home that festive glow. You can choose from a variety of paints that offer textured patterns and can colour one or two main walls that will completely change the look. You can also make a simple DIY shelf with colourful boards and papers. You can use this to keep small artistic elements like a vase or showpieces to help brighten up boring walls.
Fancy curtains
For a quick makeover, brightly coloured curtains do the magic. Opt for some fancy fabrics like tissue, which are available in new patterns like prints, applique and velvet work. These curtains look stylish, as they are transparent and flowy with rich prints like floral, geometric shapes, abstract art, etc. Golden is specifically used in most of the furnishings as it evokes festivity. “Curtains in tissue, brasso and silk will give that festive sheen to your home. While colours like ivory and gold adorned with applique and prints in red, maroon, lilac, blue, etc. will make your house look lively,” says Gunja Shah, an interior design expert.

Bright-coloured cushions
The best part about cushion covers is that they brighten up the entire place without much effort. Moreover, they come in a variety of bright colours which makes them even more attractive. You can go for some interesting colours like fuschia pink, turquoise, orange, royal blue, etc. These are mostly in art silk or jute fabric and have interesting brasso work in velvet as well as retro prints that will light up any dull background. ‘The art of decorating your home with cushion covers is to mix-and-match, but never try to match your cushion covers with each other. More the contrast and variety, better the look,” says Poorna Shrinath, a homemaker.
Interesting elements
Small antique showpieces would make your home look very decorative, sculptures and pieces that have literary work on them give a very ethnic look to your home. Moreover, playing with lights are the best thing to do refurbish your home, using warm colours like yellow or orange at neglected corners would make your home look mysteriously gorgeous. You can also choose from a variety of wooden and earthen artefacts that will render an earthy look to the house along with the lights.
Add vibrancy to your kitchen
Add a dash of colour to your kitchen — be it by including small corner shelves to store cutlery or interesting coloured crockery. Your kitchen too needs a festive makeover, and adding bright colours is the best way to go about it. You can also opt for rustic laddle-hangers for your boring kitchen walls to give it an earthy touch.