She’s just signed on as National Geographic’s latest correspondent for their Years of Living Dangerously docu-series.

And Gisele Bundchen is taking her new job very seriously, this time pushing back against Brazil’s rampant forest deforestation issue that she says threatens ‘our survival.’

The stunning supermodel took to Instagram on Monday in celebration of yesterday’s World Environment Day, sharing a photo of herself dressed in a loose-fitting graphic tree with a partially destroyed tree emblazoned across it.

A statement under the tree reads ‘#DesmatamentoZero,’ which translates to ‘zero deforestation’ in English, a movement in her home country that aims to protect and conserve Brazil’s lush rain forests.

The 35-year-old pulls her wavy blonde tresses into a ponytail as her bright green eyes stand out against the leafy background she poses in front of.

Known for her environmental activism work, Gisele writes: ‘All of us (water, forests, plants, animals and human beings…) who share this beautiful planet are connected.