As a freelance photographer, was 18 years old with a college professor who had abused him. When the woman told the people about the incident, he was dubbed the spoiled child. He was a long time suffer the pain of the incident. The impact of such developments that the woman decided to raise the voice of rape victims by naming a year of the rape victims PHOTOS …
Indian photographer, spent a year in India at the time of their captured photos of rape victims. Women say that this issue is very close to their hearts. Smita studied photography in New York, the 35-year-old says the society is trying to blame the rape victim. The burden of guilt placed on them is almost impossible to remove.
Media reports had Frsteted photographer
Smita says that the media reporting of rape is frustrated them. Speaking to he said, “I always wanted to know about the rape victim and her family, but does not give them a voice. I wanted to know their filings. ”
In 2010 was assaulted with Kjn
Smita says that when the molestation took place in 2010 with Kjn, their anger increased. This photo series by photographer says that he wants to tell us and your way rape victims are human. To complete the project, the NGOs, health workers, lawyers hired.
Smita, who began the project in 2014, more than 20 women and girls in this series of photos of click. Woman says that her intention is to change the lives of these rape victims. He has also collected funds for it. According to the report, 36 thousand 735 rape incidents in India in 2014, while 3 million 38 thousand cases of crime against women both. However, the real figure is believed to be much higher, because the events are not registered.