Barbie doll from children to adults get to see tremendous craze. Especially girls want to be like Barbie. Many girls have to undergo operations to look like Barbie never misses. Now we are going to tell you about the 8 girls. Largely without any operation looks like Barbie. They also wear dress like Barbie …
19. Dkota day, which is also known Kotakoti largely looks like Barbie. Because of this they look extremely popular in Japan and China are. He has published several articles in the media. For their fans, they wear the same dress like Barbie. She says that people sometimes laugh at my clothes, but I do not care what the girl looks like doll Pdtakliving
Living doll Venus Palermo, a 15-year-old looks like. The video posted on YouTube is your friend. London-called Venus Videos Venus Angelique’s shares. The viral video was recently posted.
This model also looks like a doll
Model and actress Lily Cole is famous for the face that look like wings. Lily lives in England Feml model, actress and writer is.