Riyadh. Worldwide there are many people who are alive because of Miracles. If any of these stately building survived a fall from a bullet in the skull also had his death. So, today we are going to tell about Syria’s Twin Sisters, whose head was attached since childhood, but the whole body and mind were different. How life survived …
Life of the sisters was extremely difficult, but the doctors attached to the head of Saudi Arabia four years apart from each other by the operation of two sisters succeeded in doing. The operation of the Specialist Children’s Hospital in Riyadh 22 Doctors and Nurses of the team together. The surgery lasted 10 hours and was completed in less than 2 hours from the estimated time.
Syrian-born family, two girls and Jachin al Kdr Tuka Al Kdr born joined at the head. His skull was then, but had separate brains. In medical terms, is called the child Kreniopegs twins, one of which 2.5 million are children. According to Dr. Ahmad Al Fryan operation team chief, in such an operation are much more complex. Success rate is only 60%. Our team was still positive. April 2014 had been preparing for the operation. But in February 2016. It was operated.
The Saudi government had raised the cost
The girls had run out in 2013, when his father sought help from Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah. Her father, Hussein al Kdr are extremely poor. The Saudi government has to pay for the operation. Since 1990, 37 in Saudi Arabia so far this has been linked children’s surgery. All these children, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Malaysia, the Philippines, Poland, Morocco and Iraq, including the world’s 18 came from different countries.