Holiday on the Best Picture are some people who want to capture, but I have to do anything. Christina Smith is 25. Daring Girl similar. Christina, a resident of Canada in connection with a project were Paga. There he heard a Sikretiv locations where crocodiles are easily found. It was Paga Crocodile Pond. He clicked some photos, go here and you will be surprised to see that. Photos of crocodile tail Mrodti they have been shouting. Take photos with a crocodile …
There were two people with Christina. He was holding up the chickens. As soon as the crocodile came to be Aagah guide to the sharp whistling. Two crocodiles were coming fast towards chickens. Chicken coming out of an increasingly made their prey. Christina says that after eating crocodile was ready for photos. I was very scared. But my guide said I’ll be safe.
A unique experience for me to be so close to the dangerous animal. Then I got a one-click multiple photos. Crocodiles having a decent photo partner. People here tend to respect them and the sacred crocodile.
Paga Crocodile Pond Please tell the crocodiles are very friendly. Visitors to touch them with their photos easily can pose. They seem to wander freely around Pond. They do not harm anyone.